Impromy Weight Management


Impromy is a unique health and weight loss program developed in collaboration with the CSIRO. It comprises nutritious and great tasting meal replacements along with high protein meals and ongoing support by trained pharmacy staff .

Impromy is EXCLUSIVE to the pharmacy.

Impromy offers a lifetime membership at RRP $49.95 which includes:

· Membership Card

· Impromy Client Guide

· CSIRO Simply Well Recipe Book

· Smartphone App

· 5 Health Checks - blood glucose/ blood pressure & total cholesterol

· Ongoing weekly consultations while active with the Impromy Progra

There are certain criteria that need to be met in order to join the Impromy Program.

Automatic Exclusion includes:

· Pregnancy (or breastfeeding call Impromy Helpline)

· Under the age of 16

· BMI <22kgm

· Medical clearance required for certain conditions such as Type 1 & 2 Diabetes, Coeliac Disease and Malabsorption diseases, ect

· On certain medications such as Warfarin

Ask one of our qualified Impromy Weight Management Consultants for more information instore.

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