Medication Review


This is a FREE one on one, 30 to 45-minute consultation with one of our Pharmacists, in a private room in the pharmacy. 


The pharmacist will discuss the best ways to manage and the get the most out of your medicines. 


They will create & give you a list of your medications with information about:

•             What they are used for

•             How they should be taken and stored

•             How they can affect other medical conditions

It focuses on education and self-management and aims to give you a better understanding of your medicines, make you feel more confident that you are taking the right medicines at the right time, ensure that your medicines are working for you, and provide you with a documented “Action Plan”

Anyone that would like to learn more about their medicines would benefit from a medication review. However, it would particularly benefit those recently discharged from hospital, or anyone taking five or more medications.

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