Food and Rewards

It's been a great week. You kept to your healthy eating plan. You did your exercise each day. You smashed goals. It's time to reward yourself right? Encouragement and rewards are a super important part of your success. They keep you on track and motivated. This blog is about WHAT you should reward yourself with, not about not rewarding yourself.

Many people who are on a diet or as we like to call it, a healthy eating plan get to the weekend and to celebrate all their hard work during the week they choose to reward themselves with a binge on high calorie foods that have little nutrition. You shouldn’t use food as your reward, food is fuel for your body and provides you with the nutrition you need for energy and wellbeing. Rewarding yourself with food is a mindset thing that you have probably been taught from when you were young. But this mindset can de rail you from your health goals. Having a day off exercise is a nice reward, gives your body a chance to relax and recover from the work you have done and lets your strength build back up.

There are plenty of ways you can reward yourself for your hard work. Go out to see a movie, buy that new top you have been eyeing off or indulge in that new homeware piece that you know will look great in your lounge room. Find something that excites you and will make you happy. This is what a reward is meant to be.

There is a saying “healthy bodies are made on the weekends” Don’t let all your hard work during the week be thrown away by choosing foods that won’t help you to achieve your health goals. Sit down and write a list of the things that would feel like a reward for you and put it up somewhere to remind you to work your way through that list whenever you deserve a reward.

In saying not to reward yourself with food we aren’t saying that you need to live a life of feeling deprived to be healthy! That’s another blog for another day…… Take it one day at a time and stick to your plan as much as possible – You have got this in the bag!

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