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We are almost into the second week of 2019 are you still seeing and hearing all about New Years Resolutions and all the "stuff" we are meant to be doing? I know I am! Social Media bombards us with an expectation of setting yourself a resolution, to be someone different, look different or act different. You should ignore the noise suggesting the idea that there needs to be a new you, in the new year.

I am not setting myself up to fail! So this year, I'm setting small goals that are specifically about me, Things I know I have the time and energy to achieve, sooner rather than later. Most importantly, I can set my goals around my life, not a generic one size fits all and certainly not based on a social media ideal.

My first goal is to make all my own sauces and salad dressings this year! (See the pic, I have started!) I have been doing some research about added refined sugar and how much there is in processed foods like sauce so I thought that this could be a great goal to improve my health. Instead of reading unrealistic posts about getting a new me; I am using my social media time to find sauce and dressing recipes - please feel free to share any of your favourites!

Whether you are hoping to reduce or change smoking habits, increase your physical activity or eat more leafy greens, having a friend, or support network like The Healthful Life Project can make the world of difference in what you can achieve.

This year, I am also setting a solution to find a little bit of happiness everyday! #grateful What are your goals for 2019? I would love to hear them!

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