Quitting Smoking Naturally

If you've ever tried to quit smoking you probably know about nicotine replacement therapy, but did you know that there are other products available that are all natural and can help in combination with nicotine replacement therapy, and that they might just give you a better chance of success ?

Quitting smoking is tough enough without your body trying its best to derail your efforts by making you stressed, tired, and craving sweets or just replacing smokes with food.

Lack of energy is a common complaint, as is lots of nervous energy, fidgeting and difficulty sitting still.

B Complex - Gives you a fast energy boost to get you through a tough and sometimes stressful smoke-free day, especially great when you first decide to quit.Ginseng - Works similarly to the B-complex by giving you a slower release energy boost, and also helps you deal with the stress of living life while you quit.

Yes, they can be taken together if you need both fast acting and long acting relief, or extra stress support.

Craving sweets in place of the ciggies ? There are supplements to help you here too.

Gymnema is a herb that will temporarily block the sweet taste buds, so when you eat something sweet, it tastes boring and bland, making you much less likely to want it. I recommend Glucogard by Oriental Botanicals for a dose of Gymnema.If you find yourself replacing smokes with food...... any food....... then a gentle appetite suppresant can help. Herbs like Gymnema (as above) as well as Garcinia and green tea can really help curb your appetite.

And yes these two are often combined as well. They often go into supplements for diabetics, so don't worry if you are offered something that says anything about diabetes on the label, it's the ingredients that count, and might also contain other ingredients, like chromium, that can help you quit the sugar too.

Be gentle but firm with yourself, everyone slips up, let it go and get back on track, remember you are improving your health with every smoke you cut out and that is a very good thing.

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