Supplements & Their Role in Weight Management

You've decided to start a weight loss journey, you're determined, you've made changes to your diet and lifestyle, started exercising more, and you are really excited !!!! but....... you're hungry!

The first and most important thing to do is to look at your diet and exercise levels and ask yourself, am I eating enough? If you answer is yes then it might be worth investigating a supplement that may help you feel fuller for longer, cut your carb cravings and boost your metabolism. Different natural ingredients can work in different ways and are worth investigating. Some products that are available and how they help are:

Impromy Metabolic C12 capsules. These are made from coconut oil and are a hunger buster. Coconut oil makes you feel full quickly and reduces your appetite. Take three capsules all at once 15-30 minutes before you eat your main meal of the day. It is important to take them before you eat so when you sit down to your meal you are already feeling less hungry and you will eat less without feeling deprived. If you have gotten into the habit of eating really large portions and are trying to cut back, this product may help.

Are you craving sweets? This is another good reason to check your calorie intake, are you getting enough energy from your food? Are you eating regularly? Are you skipping meals?

The reason I ask is because all of these factors influence your blood sugar levels. You may think that skipping lunch is a great way to lose weight faster, but it isn’t, the energy from lunch that would normally sustain you until dinner is not there, and what you crave is sugar because it gives you a quick burst of energy and makes you feel brighter for a while.

Oriental Botanicals Glucogard can help by keeping your sugar levels more stable as well as reducing your sweet taste buds (only temporarily I promise) this product tends to make sweet things taste..... well...... boring. This product will also help you with a liver cleanse as well as acting as a gentle appetite suppressant.

Caruso'sGreen Tea : Green Tea is a fantastic metabolism booster, it helps the body choose fat over carbohydrates as a body fuel. Whether you are just starting out and want a kick start, or if you've reached a plateau and just can't shift another gram no matter how hard you try, then consider green tea. Green Tea if nothing else, has the added benefit of being a powerful antioxidant, gives you energy, and helps detoxify the liver.

So now everything is going well, you are steadily losing a little weight each week, so why aren’t you feeling more energetic? When you lose weight, your liver has to work overtime to filter out all of the toxins that build up in our fat cells, and when it gets overworked we feel tired. Giving your liver a helping hand with a good liver cleanse will help prevent this fatigue. A detox is best to do during the first few months of your weight management journey, I’m not a fan of “48 hour detox” type products and would instead recommend something like:

Swisse Liver Detox : This product can be a good addition to a weight loss journey as it detoxifies, helps reduce indigestion, bloating, and cramping that can come along with changes to diet and lifestyle. It also provides antioxidant support.

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