Why Food Prep Is So Important

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

‘Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail’ - the same goes for developing new habits like eating healthier. Food prep isn’t just for bodybuilders and if you’re looking to make some healthy changes in the way you eat, food prep is going to play a big part in your success. BUT you need to plan ahead when your prep time is and stick to it. Once you have enjoyed how much easier and healthier your week is with some pre prepared meals, you will look forward to your planned food prep time.

Meal prepping can involve as little or as much effort as you like and it’s easy to add plenty of variety. It could be as simple as planning your meals for the week and doing the one big grocery shop. Or it could be as much as preparing breakfast, lunch and tea for the week ahead. Whatever it may be, I want to discuss why food prep is so important and how you can get started.


We all make poor decisions when we’re hungry… or dare I say HANGRY?! I understand a lot of us are time poor, and we seem to keep ourselves busy until we realise we’re hungry and want something instant, this is where we often make poor food choices. Meal prepping will allow you to eat as soon as you feel hungry, whether it’s a snack or a main meal, you spent the time earlier in the week to have it pre-prepared and ready to go!


Doing one big grocery shop is going to save you heaps of time and money. Imagine leaving work at the end of the day and not going to the shops because all your ingredients are ready at home AND you don’t have to decide what to cook because you did that already! When your meals are planned, less ingredients are wasted and you don’t visit the supermarket 5 times/week grabbing unnecessary extras.


We have spoken about why a balanced diet is important here and food prepping can make this a lot easier to achieve. If you plan to sit down and decide on what you will eat for the week you can also incorporate our tips for creating a balanced diet into your plan.


We spoke about the importance of portion control here. Meal prep makes portion controlling more achievable. By spending that time earlier in the week preparing and portioning your meals you are already forward planning your portions for later in the week when you could be hungry and serve yourself more than you planned to.


Now you know why it’s important to food prep, it’s time to get started! But how? I have spent many Sunday’s preparing meals to achieve my healthy lifestyle, and I want to pass on to you my tried and tested tricks to save you time, money and hassle, right from the get go. Read my blog on how to Become a Master of Food Prep.

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