Prescription services


For most of us, there comes a time when regularly taking medication becomes a part of our lives. We can help you with your medication needs; whether it is advice, reminding you when your medication is ready to collect, or packing your medication into sachets or packs to help ensure you are taking the right tablets at the right time. If you are traveling and need to take your medications, we can pack your medicine for the duration of your trip.

Medication Packs

We are just so busy and it’s easy to forget what to take and when. To help keep your daily routine as uncomplicated and stress free as possible, we offer two safe and simple medication management solutions – medication packs and medication sachet rolls. These can be collected weekly or fortnightly and are tailored to suit you.

Medication dose packs

These are a flat pack that is hassle free, eliminates the worry of forgetting medication, lets you know what to take and when and helps you manage multiple medications safely

Medication sachet rolls 

To make sure that you’re taking the right tablets at the right time, each sachet contains the tablets for a particular date and dose time. This information is clearly printed on the sachet along with your name, and the sachets are rolled up in chronological date and time order.

With easy tear-packaging, the medication sachet makes it easy to access the contents without the possibility of them dropping onto the floor.

Each sachet clearly identifies:

· Your name

· The date, day of the week and dose time

· The prescribed medication and the active ingredient

· A tablet description and quantity of each tablet


Scripts on File

Prevent the stress of losing your repeat prescriptions by leaving them on file at the pharmacy. We offer a FREE Scripts on File service; leave your prescriptions with us, and when you need more medication, you simply phone or come into the pharmacy to order them, and we get them ready for you to collect. Save time and reduce the risk of lost prescriptions by speaking with a pharmacist about Scripts on File.


Health App for Medications

Ensure you never run out of medication by using our FREE Health App. You’ll receive a notification to remind you when your scripts are due to be refilled, or if a new script is needed. This will result in:

· Less waiting at the pharmacy when picking up medication

· You will be less likely to run out of important medication

· You won’t lose repeat prescriptions

To find out more about our Health App talk to any of our helpful staff

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